Photography 101: Finding Your Focus

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So far in our Photography 101 series, we’ve asked guest photographers to share their insights and tips on various elements of the craft, from light to composition. Today, meet Matthew George: the blogger at Photo Lord, a site that features and recognizes other photographers, and a passionate high school photography teacher. In this installment, Matthew introduces focus and the concepts of depth of field and aperture. 

Finding your focus — the basics

I provide some general guidelines to my students:

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How I flew from Miami to Sydney for 1470 USD in December.

I was very skeptical about posting this as my first post or just posting it at all. Im certain not a lot of people know about how to get such cheap flight in such busy month in Australia, at least the people that where in the flight with me where pretty amazed. This is can be something very hard to understand so I will try to explain it the best way I can. Its all 100% legal by the way :).

I decided I wanted to spend my December vacations down and under In Australia. It all began with a conversation with my mother during dinner about visiting my aunt in the South Pacific. I immediately checked the prices in my favorite website

MIA(Miami) to SYD(Sydney) departing December 9th returning January 3rd. The prices where extremely OUT OF MY RANGE.Image

2,479 USD, I had no hope of ever getting near Australia.

I asked myself do people really pay this much to fly to Australia? I started looking to see how much it will cost to fly from Venezuela, my native country.I wondered how many Bolivares (our currency) would it be. And here is where my hopes went up Again.

Image(Note that 34.335 is equal to 34,335)

With the official exchange rate ( 1 USD = 6.29) that means that the flight is 5,456.84 USD. Thats WAY TO MUCH! but here is the kicker: the official exchange in Venezuela is controlled by the government. Meaning that no one is able to get that exchange rate so they use the unofficial exchange rate (1 USD = 36,746) “”

At that exchange rate the price went from 5,456.48 USD to 934 USD.

All I had to do was call my friend to buy the ticket for me from Venezuela in Bolivares and I paid him in USD.

The next day I was booking the Bridgeclimb tour.

I know you may have a lot of questions so here is the general overview:

To get a quote in Venezuela currency your flight MUST ORIGIN FROM VENEZUELA. My flight was Caracas to Sydney with two stops one in Dallas and one in Brisbane.

You must buy a separate flight to Venezuela.

So this was my Itinerary

Miami to Caracas (266 USD)

Caracas to Sydney with two stops (934 USD)

then on my way back

Sydney to Dallas and Dallas to Caracas, however i abandoned the last leg and bought another separate flight to Miami from Dallas (270 USD)

All three flights

Miami to Caracas

Caracas to Sydney

And Dallas to Miami

For a total of 1470 USD.

It was a LONG TRIP. I flew for over 30 hours. But it was definitely worth it! and i saved myself about 1000$.

Now that I know about this I always use it to find see if I can get a cheaper flight with origin in Venezuela.

As I mentioned this may not be easy to understand and it may be troublesome, but those looking to save money on your trip could consider doing this.


I loved Australia and I will be sharing more insider tips soon!

Don’t hesitate to ask me any question.

I am your travel insider.

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